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May 01, 2024


High Mortgage Rates: Tips to Help Buyers Facing 7% Mortgages | Money

Bob Smith, Head of Real Estate at ACE, was quoted in the Money alongside Freddie Mac’s deputy chief economist, Len Kiefer, and offers the below insights on mortgage rates:

  • Mortgage Rates: According to Bob Smith, head of real estate for Advisor Credit Exchange, for at least the remainder of the year, “Rates are going to be bounded in a range ... probably in the 6%s, low 7%s.
  • Inflationary Pressure: In the long term, Kiefer and Smith see inflationary pressures easing later this year. That should help nudge mortgage rates lower — just “not as much as we had thought,” Kiefer says.

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May 01, 2024

High Mortgage Rates: Tips to Help Buyers Facing 7% Mortgages | Money

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